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Banking in Latvia - - account opening Antworten

The objective of this section of our website is to advise potential clients for bank account opening. Baltic Legal is an international corporate offshore and trust services provider. However, a significant portion of companies and trusts we administer establish accounts with international and offshore banks rather than domestic banks. For more information on offshore businesses please visit the offshore services page.

Bank account opening services
Our company is aware of the importance of possibility of swift bank account opening. Therefore, we have established relationships with the Latvian most reliable banks, which offer excellent online banking services and inexpensive banking fees. We provide consultations regarding any of the banks mentioned.

Bank Introduction Services in Latvia for opening a corporate bank account with Rietumu Bank, Pasta Bank or other banks.

Our consultation offer
LPB Bank
LPB Bank (formerly known as Pasta Bank) offers personalized banking services, such as Overdraft of Payment Cards, Loan for financing current assets, Virtual card, EU Funds - Pasta Bank supports companies that develop projects with financial support of the European Union Structural Funds.
JSC PrivatBank that was established in 1992 and it is now one of the oldest Latvian banks, well known to the business community. The auditor of JSC PrivatBank, KPMG, is among the leading international auditing companies in the world.
Rietumu Bank
Rietumu Bank operates for more than 25 years in the Eastern Europe and nearby regions, providing bank accounts, lending, brokerage and eCommerce services. The account types offered include saving, investment and escrow accounts.
PNB Bank
PNB bank (formerly known as Norvik Bank) offers its clients quick and high-quality service from opening current accounts to assistance in payment transactions - Current accounts, Payments, Regular payments, Currency exchange, Investment gold.
Baltic International Bank
Baltic International Bank, supplements its regular banking services, such as account opening, with a range of short and middle term investment options, e.g. liquidity management, subordinated deposits, private equity investments. Additional services include brokerage and documentary operations.
SEB Bank
SEB Bank offers a number of short and long term investment options, as well as providing a range of business assessment and support programmes. These are aimed at both new and experienced businesses and intend to help understandthe prospectives of such an endeavour.
Rigensis Bank
Rigensis Bank operates since 2011 and offers specialized banking services, such as fiduciary loans, trust services, brokerage, documentary operations etc. While offering services to both companies and private individuals of any kind, the bank places emphasis on the management of large private capitals.
Of course, we can offer bank intorduction with the aim of opening a bank account in any other Latvian bank as well. Feel free to contact us.

Documents required for legal entities
Original company incorporation documents, e.g. Incorporation Certificate, Articles of Association, Bylaws etc.
Documents, confirming the authority to open and manage company accounts, e.g. Power of Attorney, Extract from the Enterprise Register, Resolution, Minutes, etc.
ID documents: a valid passport or National ID card.
Documents confirming the beneficial ownership.
For companies incorporated more than a year ago: Certificate of Good Standing, certified by the Apostille.
For companies incorporated outside Latvia the information concerning the Apostille, legalization and notary certification of the company documents, is accepted and analyzed on the individual basis depending on the jurisdiction.

About Latvia
Latvia is an attractive financial and trading centre to facilitate business operations in this region, due to its location between the CIS and Western countries, and membership in the European Union. The country has highly developed banking system within the EU.

There are 28 banks in Latvia, 9 of them are branches of foreign banks. If you are planning opening a bank account in Latvia, please contact us.

Business possibilities
Latvia is geographical hotspot located in middle of major markets of Europe - Scandinavia, Russia, Germany and Poland. Infrastructure of Latvia includes sea ports, airports and railway network, thus making possible connections to most European countries. Latvia has three international ice-free ports, direct rail link from Latvia to Russia (Moscow). It is in about two hour flight from Western European capitals with more than 65 direct flights from Riga International Airport, a strategic gateway between Europe and the CIS. Want to know more?

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